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I am a traditionalist. Traditionalism is not a political worldview; it is a way of life. It is the view that duty, propriety, and standards are what make a man who he is, and that these values are expressed in our every action. One must hold himself to a set of high standards in all things; one must fulfil the duties that the world confers unto him, from those of family to those of civilisation; and one must do so in an honourable, courageous, and proper fashion.

I am driven by a love of my family, homeland, and history, and by a profound dissatisfaction with the plastic modern world. I am a young Englishman, and I am sickened by what has been done to my generation and to my people. We are a generation addicted to comfort and convenience, sold the lie of materialism, and searching desperately for something to fill the void inside of us.

Many of us try to fill it with drugs, partying, pornography, casual sex, video games, expensive clothes, and the empty validation provided by social media. We wander aimlessly through the wilderness of the modern world, robbed of a sense of place and belonging by a system that tells us it has our best interests at heart, but which has stripped us of culture, community, purpose, and faith.

We are the generation who have inherited the greatest level of material comfort the human race has ever known, and yet we are depressed, anxious, and suicidal on an historically unprecedented scale.

The English in general are a people made blind to our history and heritage. We have no positive vision for the future, only the promise of a further descent into the debilitating materialism and globalism that has torn us from our rightful place in a long and glorious tradition. The ruling class do not have our best interests at heart, seeking only to gut England for all they can and leave behind the desecrated carcass of a once beautiful and homely land, and a once proud and honourable people.

I am appalled and horrified by the bleak situation that my generation and my people find ourselves in. I cannot sit by and watch as so many of my peers grow ever more nihilistic and atomised as they search desperately and fruitlessly for a meaningful existence.

I will not allow my ancestral homeland and its culture to be paved over and dissolved by globalist technocrats who see my country as a landing strip to be drained of its resources, with no regard for the fact that England is an ancient, storied, and beautiful land with a history of unparalleled honour and heroism.

As such, I intend to offer a different way of looking at the world; one which rejects in its entirety the materialist perspective, revolting with equal fervour against the enervating, misanthropic, meaningless worldview of the socialist, and against the capitalism that has commodified all things, transactionalised all relationships, and flattened all sentiment in the name of convenience and efficiency.